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Reduce your emissions
save money!!

Everyone wants to breathe clean air. Cleaner air is not just a commercial goal. It is a highly necessary social mission.That is why we started our campaign to create more awareness on exhaust gases in the International Shipping Industry.

We provide a practical solution that you can implement right now. You can do so with the use of XMILE, our biological fuel additive. Our customers are satisfied with the results they have been achieving, and we want to help you too. This is what you get in return:

  • Guaranteed cost efficient fuel saving (ROI >300%)
  • 7% reduction of CO₂
  • 8% reduction of NOx
  • >35% reduction of soot
  • 30 % reduction on maintenance costs

What does that look like in numbers?

  • On 10m³ fuel, you save 2,2 tons CO₂
  • On 10m³ fuel you save >500 liters of fuel

Using XMILE does not invalidate the engine manufacturer’s guarantee. And we deliver world wide, so you will always have access to XMILE. So, let us know how we can help you!

All mentioned results are based on scientific tests and clients experiences

Ask for the XMILE experience

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